With Studio East we are excited to announce the school play: Pinocchio! With enough roles for up to 50 students! The informational meeting happened earlier this week but here is the information you need to know:

  • The play is open to 5th and 4th grade students. 
  • Rehearsals will be at Lakeview, from 4pm to 6pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Tuition will be $165 and need to be paid after you sign up your kid for auditions. (We are looking for 2 parents to volunteer for the production role). Volunteer and the tuition will be free!)

Signups end once all 50 spots are filled.


To enroll your kid on the play:


  1. Click here to sign up your 4th or 5th grader for an audition (there are only a few spots left!)  
  2. Actors should prepare a short monologue (30 seconds max); they can prepare one from the following pages, or another of their choosing:
  3. Pay the tuition by clicking here
  4. Fill out Studio East before January 17th, by clicking here.