Welcome to the Lakeview PTSA Art Program page!


Learn about what our Leopards did in November: 

In November, the students imagined themselves with new hair.  Hair that swooped and loop d looped and grew in all sorts of colors. They also could imagine something new growing out of their heads. It was fun to watch the creativity flow this month as kids got to explore a creative approach to self-portraits. They got the freedom to explore different art mediums and the newly added junk bins to create their masterpiece.

Thank you to Sabrina, Tina C and the art docents for making these Creator Labs possible!



Reuse - Reduce - Recycle: 

Transform your junk drawer items into art!


Do you have any junk drawer items that you can turn into art?


We are looking for items like paper clips, broken crayons, buttons, puzzle pieces, or anything else that you don’t need anymore. You can give them to the teachers, and we will help you transform them into amazing artworks!


December special ask: For our January art project, we are also collecting paper tubes, tiny recycled boxes and small plastic containers. Please bring them along if you have any.

Thank you for your cooperation!