Every time you donate to Lakeview PTSA you can multiply the impact.


Did you know a lot of companies match donations made by their employees to non-profits?

Lakeview PTSA is a registered US 501(c)(3) charity and donations are Tax Deductible and qualify for company matching donation programs.


Some companies with matching donation programs in the area are:



Please ask your employer.


To double your contribution to Lakeview PTSA:

Submit the appropriate paperwork with your company, citing the amount you donated to PTSA (email here if you need a receipt from Lakeview PTSA) and our Tax Id number and information below.


Lakeview PTSA

10400 NE 68th St,

Kirkland, WA 98033


Tax ID 91-1136057   



Thank you for helping Lakeview Kids, families and teachers! We love to see your donation go twice as far!