Why is important to Join? 


Lakeview Elementary PTSA provides all the fun and extras for our kids and teachers, like school supplies, pantry snacks, assemblies, PE-Library-Teacher support and more. 

Becoming a member is a great way to:

  • be involved with your kid's education
  • receive all the news of events and things happening at school
  • get connected with our community
  • have a voice to vote on PTSA decisions and more!


The PTSA survives solely on membership and fund drives, we do not receive any school or government funding. Without you, there is no us. 


The cost of the annual membership is $25 family membership / $16 individual 


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!You can still join us today to receive communications from us, without becoming a PTSA Member.

Due to privacy concerns, we do not have your contact information for any communication unless you sign up and create an account in our portal.




What are my responsibilities after I became a member? 


Membership in the PTSA does not require any particular action on your part. While you don’t have to attend meetings or provide volunteer assistance for PTSA-sponsored activities – we hope you’ll choose to do so!


If you have any question about the membership please contact us at or click here