Becoming a member, you will:

  • Fund and support programs and events that benefit our kids.
  • Vote in important PTSA decisions.
  • Have the chance to participate in a membership chair (totally optional)
  • Access to discounts offered by WA State PTA

The price for the annual membership for Individuals: $16.

The price for the annual membership for families (2 parents or guardians): $25.

You need to purchase a new membership each year, to keep your membership status current. 


If you need financial assistance, you can contact our school counselor Sondra Chamberlain.


Help us reach the goal to have more and more families joining us! Sign up today.


What are my responsibilities after I became a member? 


Membership in the PTSA does not require any particular action on your part. While you don’t have to attend meetings or provide volunteer assistance for PTSA-sponsored activities – we hope you’ll choose to do so!


If you have any question about the membership, please contact us at